Our body can be seen as Tool to connect, evolve, grow and socialize and as we get deeper into different personal universes, the act of listen to what is around you and absorb other perspectives becomes pivotal in any learning curve.

Part of these fundamentals were portrayed by the North American rock band (based in Los Angeles) called Tool. 

Musican and Actor David Yow briefly discuss this idea in a completely comic away along his audio commentary found on the DVD Tool - Schism. David Yow states ”Generally rock music videos are used for entertainment purposes. This, however is more for an educational set up for people to learn with. That’s why the band is called Tool… This is an educational Tool…”

That statement and the videoclip itself helped me, Lucas Caldana, work under the idea that to absorb and or to learn something, it must be done through processing it first. That’s how I usually do it. I wanted to portrait what I am about as a person and also what MUTUKA, as an extension of my body of work, represents… MUTUKA, for me, will always be a way to communicate and express myself. No clichés, no further ado, no bullshit. 

MUTUKA TOOL=HANDS print refers to the idea of using your body as a tool to construct a better reality. And also, served as a way to introduce the new logo done in partnership with my friends at Monomotor, a Brazilian studio focused in lettering.

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